Thursday, July 7, 2011

24 Hours Later

After 24 hours of car travel to the airport, two flights, and a long drive thru Beijing's rush hour (felt like we were living again in Atlanta!), we finally arrived at our hotel last night.  We were two very tired travelers.  We ate some dinner and headed straight to bed  However, it is now 6 hours later and we are both wide awake and our day does not begin for another 6 hours.

Several of you have asked about Kelsey and Ella Grace.  They are staying with friends and family.  They are having their own great adventure.

We are looking forward to being tourists today with the other 15 families who are adopting.  Group travel - Jason's patience will be tested and refined.  It will be fun to learn about the culture and history of Will Hudson's homeland.  We will take pictures and share with him the place where his journey on earth began.

We’ve been thinking about Will Hudson’s natural parents.  Who were they? We will never know since Will Hudson was abandoned.  Did they not have the capacity to take care of his medical needs?  Were they young and felt like they had no other option?  Were they wounded souls who made a poor choice?  Join us in praying for them.  May they experience a divine peace that a family is going to do their best to give their biological son a home.  We are looking forward to holding him in our arms in 4 more days.

God is present.  He is the Father of all those involved.  We all cry “Abba!”


  1. Yippee! You're there! We ALL have been praying! Love you.

  2. Sooo glad you made it safely!!! Know that you all are covered in prayer.

  3. Now the fun begins! We are thinking of you every day and honored to be a small part of this wonderful adventure! Love and hugs from crazy Atlanta! Love you!

  4. We are so excited that you are there and having fun! Things are great here - just playing and swimming (not much because we had a LOT of rain Thursday), but having fun anyway!! We love you! The Cole fam and your sweet girls :)

  5. Great can't wait to see u! Tell dad that he needs to work on being patience. I love u!

  6. Mom and Dad have been having trouble posting a comment but we believe we know how now. We are so excited about your adventures in China and espcially meeting your new son Will Hudson. Give him, our new grandson, a big hug from his Poppy. Ok, from his Gammy too!

    We love you and may God continue to bless you and your adventure!