Thursday, July 14, 2011

Unbelievable Day at Maria’s Big House

What started out as four families traveling to Luoyang to visit the state run orphanage and Maria’s Big House of Hope turned into a day of unexpected blessings for our family.  This day was so surreal for us we will have to blog ALL about it later (we are still trying to process it all).  What I will tell you is that we were able to find out about some of Will Hudson’s story that was a mystery to us and you won’t believe where we found out he was after his surgeries...Maria’s Big House of Hope.  For those of you who know a little bit about my story and connection to a sweet little girl named Maria Sue Chapman, you know what kind of day this turned into for us.  Two years ago, I was at Maria’s Big House of Hope getting it ready to be opened.  I had no idea I was preparing a place for Will Hudson!  Also, we were told his English name at Maria’s was Wilson.  Wow.  We didn’t even know he was ever at Maria’s, so we had no knowledge of this when we named him, Will Hudson.  There is so much more to tell.  We learned this sweet little boy received medical care in Luoyang, Beijing, Shanghai, and XinYang.  We were both moved to tears as the story unfolded for us.  There are so many details about his life.  Much more to come on this…

Not only did we discover more of Will Hudson’s story today, but it was also a day full of more blessings.  Here they are…getting to see Nashville friends at MBHOH (Donna Daniel and her pals…Renee Manuel, Tina Myers, Carolyne Myers, Kathy McKinney-from Show Hope, sweet Caitlin Ruff-an intern at MBHOH who was in China with me two years ago…and several others not in the picture below), Will Hudson sharing french fries with Mommy, laundry that was washed and pressed by someone other than myself, and a scrapbook overnighted to us from Will Hudson’s orphanage.

It was a good day!



  1. Megan, I can imagine you crying at every intimate detail...then your shock when you found out where Will Hud was loved!!! SEE God is in and all about your family!!!! Happy tears! Happy dance! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. And we sit here in AWE of God and HIS great big plan and how HE loves watching us be amazed as HE lets us SEE little glimpses of how it all comes together and the we KNOW that HIS hands have been in this story from the very beginning! He is SO VERY GOOD! WE love you!!!

  3. I love this! i love that MBHOH is caring for these kids and i love the connection that God gave you between the awesome work you were a part of two years ago and your sweet boy! I typically get all teary at the mention of Maria's, so yep, i have cried many times reading the blog. Happy tears, like Kris said! I can;t wait to hear more of Will hudson's story! Love you guys! Be safe traveling!