Saturday, July 16, 2011

Arriving in Guangzhou

We have arrived in Guangzhou to meet with the US Consulate.  Will Hudson’s first flying experience as a Thompson was a memorable one to say the least.  Our flight to Guangzhou was delayed for five hours…three of that being on airplane on the runway with 13 other children under the age of 2 who had never flown either.  We could not take off due to bad weather.  It got so bad that the flight attendants served us our dinner while we sat on the runway.  Will Hudson did GREAT.  He went to sleep as soon as we took off and slept the whole two hour flight.  However, he did not like the seatbelt.  I wonder how he will do in the car seat!

Today we spent the day getting settled in, taking Will Hudson for his medical check-up, and going to dinner with our travel group for some yummy Thai food.  Tomorrow we are going to attend worship together for the first time at a Mandarin / English service close to the hotel.  Again, thanks to all who are partnering with us on this journey.  We love you.  

Here are some random pictures for you to enjoy!


  1. Yay! You're getting closer to HOME! The picts are adorable! He may eat noodles now, but wait 'til he gets Poppies pancakes and EG's blueberry muffins or Kelsey's cookies...he'll be a changed man. Hmmm, what can we bring? M&Ms, Sour Patch, Hot Tamales!!! Just dying to hear your voice, hug your family, and meet Will Hudson! Love ya.

  2. I love that he seems so happy all the time. even in his not happy pictures, there seems to be a little spark in his eyes!

  3. Looks like a happy camper to me. Can't wait to meet him tonight via skype! We are counting the days til we get to meet him. So glad you are settled for a few days, will make the trip back better. Love all the Kodak moments you have shared.

  4. Love the pics! Looks like he's doing great and happy to be with is mommy and daddy! Cannot wait to meet him! Love you guys :)